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RECOGENO is a remote heat exchange system applicable to liquid cooled generating sets.

It has the capability to recover the irradiated heat of the generator which would be lost.

Hot water or air can be obtained for free heating up premises  without compromising the generator proper functioning.

The conventional heat exchanger costs have always made it uneconomic  for the heat to be recovered in all the applications where the generator is not operation 24/7.

From now on, it is no longer the case with Recogeno!

Recogeno is a recovery system  with a simple concept but very effective that enables not only to save on heating costs but also to polluting less.

Why Recogeno?

  • The Kit may cost up to 80% less than the common heat exchanger mounted on the exhaust fumes side.
  • It is compatible with most of the  liquid cooled diesel generators.
  • There is no need to modify the engine and therefore warranty is not being compromised.
  • Operating temperature is quickly reached even only  after  50 operational  minutes at 75% of the rated electrical load.
  • It may also be fitted with small generators starting from 15kVA.
  • It does not require great maintenance .
  • It is versatile enough to be used as a heater for premises or to produce both domestic  and process hot water .
  • There is no risk of contamination  since the fluids do not come into contact with other polluted fluids because the circuit is completely independent.


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